&Tradition’s Mega Bulb Pendant Light

mega bulb

The Mega Bulb Pendant is a handcrafted and mouthblown light that was designed by light artist Sophie Renner. It offers the same functionality and pragmatics as the original, but is better for wider interior settings. It is a versatile lighting solution that can create the best ambiance in any home or office setting.

&Tradition’s Mega Bulb

Designed by light artist Sophie Renner, &Tradition’s Mega Bulb Pendant light features a mouth-blown, hand-crafted technique. The upgrade combines similar finishes with improved functionality and pragmatics, perfect for lighting expansive interior settings. The new Mega Bulb Pendant is able to offer the best ambient light for a room.

The &Tradition Mega Bulb features a semi-metallic finish and a clear globe-shaped lamp. Its soft curves conceal the bulb when not in use, but fade away into translucency once illuminated. The bulb is energy-efficient and can last up to 15 years with the right installation.

&Tradition is a Danish design company that started in 2010. Their philosophy is “tradition tied to innovation”. They have a library of designs dating back to the 1930s, and the latest ones from internationally renowned designers.

Available in three glass colors

If you are looking for a light bulb that is both beautiful and energy-efficient, Mega Bulb might be the perfect option. This pendant light is available in clear, gold, and silver glass. The bulb itself comes with a 9.8-foot cord. It has been awarded the Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design.

Designed with an antique bulb shape, Mega Bulb Pendant Lamp combines modernity and tradition to make an ideal addition to your home. Its double-shade design and antique bulb shape create a stunning interior piece that blends industrial design with minimalist style. The lighting from this lamp is soft and warm and is perfect for any room.

The Mega Bulb is made of porcelain and blown glass, which makes it completely transparent. The light lines and shade are both clear, and the light itself is designed to look like a thousand year old light bulb. The glass used in the hanging light has small bumps that create a beautiful and natural design element. Hand-blown glass is another unique feature of this light.


The Mega Bulb pendant light is an upgrade from its original version. It is designed by light artist Sophie Renner, and she crafted it with a mouth-blown technique. Both models feature similar finishes, but the upgrade offers more practicality and functionality. It is capable of lighting up a larger interior setting, and its versatility makes it an excellent option for creating the right ambience.

The SR2 Mega Bulb is a modern design resembling the outline of an early electrical light bulb. Its soft curves conceal the bulb when not in use, but become translucent when lit. Whether used as a single pendant or in a cluster, the Mega Bulb is sure to create a stunning interior space.

The Mega Bulb is available in gold, silver, and clear glass. The bulb itself comes with a 9.8-foot cord. The bulbs are Energy Star certified and dimmable.