To Buy the Best Refrigerator

Today I will share with you how to choose the best refrigerator, summer is coming! Let’s take a look at how to buy it~

Refrigerator panel options

Sheet metal or tempered glass or ceramic

When many friends buy refrigerators online, they often overlook the choice of panels. Some friends also have questions. For refrigerators of the same brand and the same size and function, why the tempered glass panel is so much more expensive than the metal sheet metal. Here is a simple answer. Let everyone know:

At present, the refrigerator panels on the market mainly have three kinds of materials, which I call first-generation panels, second-generation panels, and third-generation panels;

  • First-generation panels: sheet metal panels
  • Second generation panel: tempered glass panel
  • Three generations of panels: new material panels
How to Buy the Best Refrigerator

These three generations of panels are more expensive than the previous generation. At present, the market has gradually become the world of the second-generation panel tempered glass panels, and the price is also higher than that of metal sheet metal panels.

Of course, the three generations of new material panels mainly include Siemens ceramic panels and Bosch rock porcelain panels, and the price is higher.

How to Buy the Best Refrigerator

Energy efficiency grade: first or second

The refrigerator is an electrical appliance that operates 24 hours a day. Many friends must want to know whether it consumes electricity before buying it. Here, the concept of energy efficiency level is involved.

What are the changes in the new national standard for refrigerator energy consumption compared to the old version? We need to understand the following points.

How to Buy the Best Refrigerator

The new national standard still adopts the 5-level energy efficiency standard, and the 1-level product is the most energy-efficient, indicating that the product has reached the international advanced level;

The new national standard improves the evaluation and calculation method of product energy efficiency, which is more in line with the actual use situation;

The new national standard has improved the standards and requirements, and the new standard level 2 is even more energy-efficient than the old level 1.

How to Buy the Best Refrigerator

For example, if the product’s homepage is the new national standard level 1, it will generally be marked prominently on the details page.

If it is not Level 1, it may not be written in a low-key manner, but there will be an introduction in the product introduction. You must read it. After all, the refrigerator is an electrical appliance that operates 24 hours a day. Whether it is energy saving is the information that many people pay attention to.

There is a concept that needs to be corrected here, that is, it is not necessarily that the level 2 energy efficiency is more expensive than the level 1 energy efficiency. For example, looking at the figure below, the left side is the level 2 energy efficiency, and the comprehensive power consumption is 0.95, while the right side is the level 1 energy efficiency, but the comprehensive power consumption is 1.04. Here is another explanation for you:

How to Buy the Best Refrigerator

Energy efficiency, also known as energy efficiency, refers to the utilization rate of electric energy, and refers to the cooling capacity of a certain space under the same power consumption.

Energy efficiency is a comprehensive performance index, which is not only related to the performance of the compressor, but also to the material of the evaporator, the thickness of the insulation material, and so on. Therefore, the comprehensive power-saving performance with the energy efficiency level 1 is the best, and the corresponding technology is also good.

However, the comprehensive power consumption of a refrigerator is not only related to the energy efficiency level, but also to the capacity of the refrigerator. Therefore, the power consumption of a large-capacity first-class energy-efficient refrigerator is likely to be larger than that of a small-capacity refrigerator.

How to Buy the Best Refrigerator
Open Refrigerator Filled With Fresh Fruits And Vegetable

Generally, the price of level 1 energy efficiency is relatively high. If you pursue cost-effectiveness, level 2 energy efficiency is also a good choice.

Purchase suggestion: primary energy efficiency > secondary energy efficiency

That’s all for today’s sharing. Have you learned it? Welcome to leave a message~

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