Stairwell Light Fixtures

When choosing a lighting solution for a stairwell, there are a few things to consider. Choose surface mounted fixtures if possible, since they are easy to install and don’t require holes to be drilled in the ceiling or walls. They are also relatively maintenance-free and rated for damp locations. LED lamps are also an option, which will save you money on lamp replacements.


The XASC04 Stairwell LED Light Fixture is a highly efficient lighting option. It has a UL 924 rating, is NFPA compliant, and has been certified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). It emits 4,280 lumens when in occupied mode. Xeleum has been designing and manufacturing lighting products for more than 25 years. The company is ISO-9001-2008 certified and has its world headquarters in Mount Kisco, N.Y.

RAB Treadsafe

The RAB Treadsafe TSLED is a low-profile, energy-efficient light fixture with several optional features. These features make this LED an excellent choice for stairwell applications. The TSLED is dimmable to 10% and has a driver that includes dimming control wiring.

This model comes in two sizes and three color temperatures. It also features a 0-10V dimming driver and optional bi-level dimmer. Combined with a dimming control system, the RAB Treadsafe LED stairwell light provides excellent safety and energy savings. It also features a 5 year no-compromise warranty for the light output, color stability, driver performance, and paint finish.


PowPak wireless stairwell light fixtures work with a Lutron EcoSystem system or a wireless sensor to dim the lights in specific areas. The PowPak wireless fixture control is easy to install and requires only two wires to connect to the fixture. It works with Pico remote controls or Radio Powr Savr wireless sensors and uses a Lutron Clear Connect RF Technology for wireless communication.

These energy-efficient stairwell light fixtures also meet stairwell safety codes. Lutron has introduced several new energy-saving products including the Maestro Wireless dimmers, switches, and lamp dimmers. Moreover, it offers a family of wireless sensors, switches, and load controls that enables multiple energy-saving strategies. With the PowPak stairwell fixture, you can easily convert T12 fluorescent fixtures into wireless stairwell solutions.

Radio Powr Savr

Radio Powr Savr stairlight fixtures by Lutron Electronics save up to 80% in lighting energy costs. They feature an occupancy sensor that communicates wirelessly with the fixture and controls the light output based on occupancy levels. They can control up to 10 light fixtures at once, offer customizable timeouts of up to 30 minutes, and have a long battery life.

Radio Powr Savr stairlight fixtures are wireless, battery-powered, and have occupancy/vacancy sensors. When someone enters or leaves the stairway, the lights automatically turn on. The sensors are FCC-certified and cULus-listed. They also have a 10-year battery life.


Keystone stairwell light fixtures are available with various features and options. For example, they are wattage selectable and offer customizable color temperatures. They work on a 120-277 volt circuit and produce from 3,930 to 5,580 lumens. They are also DLC-listed and offer a five-year warranty.

Keystone offers LED stairwell light fixtures that use XFit technology to provide versatile illumination. These lights feature adjustable ultrasonic occupancy sensors and a factory-installed emergency capability. This means you don’t have to waste time trying to figure out which configuration works best. Moreover, they can be installed in two-, four or five-feet stairwells.