Office Equipment Vocabulary

Office equipment is the machinery, tools and supplies needed in a modern-day workspace to run smoothly. This includes everything from computer hardware and software to fax machines, phones, printers and furniture. It can also include mailing equipment and any other necessary accessories or supplementary objects used in the workplace.

A good understanding of the vocabulary of office equipment can help people work more efficiently and make the most out of any workplace environment. The term can often be confused with stationary, though the two are quite different. Stationery refers to the everyday writing materials that are used on a daily basis by most offices, including paper, notebooks and pens. It can also include staplers, Post-It notes and other small consumable items. In comparison, office equipment focuses on the larger expensive machines that are used by most companies or large businesses.

The most common and important piece of office equipment is the computer. Computers allow people to type all of their information and work on it from anywhere in the office or outside of it. People usually also need a keyboard and mouse to work on their computers. They may also need a headset if they plan on having meetings with clients or coworkers online. Depending on the type of business, a scanner and a photocopy machine could be useful office equipment as well.

Other important office equipment includes a filing cabinet and storage folders. These are useful for organising documents in a file and keeping them organised. They can also help prevent files from getting lost. Documents can be arranged alphabetically, numerically, chronologically or by subject.

If someone needs to send a letter to a client they can use an envelope or put it in a mailbag. They can also use a mailing machine to print and affix the correct postage. There is also the option to e-mail the document, which saves time and money.

Another important tool is a perforating machine, which can be used to punch holes into papers or documents. This can be helpful if you are sending out a lot of information or letters to clients or partners. It is a useful and quick way to get the job done.

There is also a type of paper that is called a stencil, which is used in the duplicating machine. This is a convenient way to create multiple copies of the same document. It is a fast and efficient way to do the job and it saves a lot of time.

Lastly, a fax machine is an essential piece of office equipment that allows people to send documents quickly and easily. It is a great alternative to sending an email and it is also more secure. A fax machine is also useful in the event that an email fails to get through. The other thing that is helpful with a fax machine is the fax software that allows you to edit and format documents before sending them out.